Dominator – Conquering Europe Ironically


Get ready for BALKAN DOMINATOR. A new  boardgame where you can fight for supremacy over the Balkans.
Four game modes where there can only be one winner! Gather your armies and conquer your friends in an effort to recreate the most famous Balkan empires and kingdoms!

BALKAN DOMINATOR consists of – game board (map of the Balkan Peninsula dimension 50x50cm), figurines in the shape of tanks and flags (in 6 different colours, each army contains 85 tanks and 5 flags), 6 dice, 108 cards (deck of 66 territory cards, 6 jokers, 18 action cards and deck of 18 war objective cards), Dominator Coins (54 x 100dc, 18 x 200dc, 6 x 500dc i 6 x 1000dc – Total 18 000 dc) and Rules.

Product weight is 730g (1.6 lb)



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